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Parent pathways

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If you are interested in organising your own events to support us, please get in touch here also with your suggestions. 

How you can help 


Private fundraise

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Our purpose

Parent Pathways has been established with the express aim and purpose of creating a charity that supports and affects parents/guardians and their families both postnatally and antenatally. 


Some of the activities and services Parent Pathways will support.

•    Bespoke private services 
•    Counselling and mental health support 
•    Coffee mornings, peer support activities, and social events 
•    Wellbeing workshops will cover a range of topics including, but not limited to preparing for labour/birth, hypnobirthing, post-natal exercise, weaning, feeding, transition into motherhood/parenting, emotional and physical wellbeing, and mental wellbeing.

Activities and Services

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